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Children’s Cancer 2019

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Durham Centre Charity Donations

2010  Neo - Natal Unit Durham £1,254

2011  Sunderland Blood Disorders £2,020

2012  Children’s Heart Unit Fund £2,633.48

2013  Animal Krackers £837

2014  Fight Against Neuroblastoma £430

2015  British Lung Foundation  £1428.50

2016  Baby Bereavement Support Group £1498.20

2017  Great North East Air Ambulance   £3140.00

2018  Daft as a Brush                          £1465.00

2019 North of England Children

Cancer Research                   £1285.00

2020-21 If You Care Share                  £1162.00

2022-23 Myeloma                              £1625.00

Animal Crackers 2013

British Lung Foundation 2015

Charity thank you letter

Baby Bereavement Support Group  2016

This year the chosen charity was Myeloma UK

Myeloma , also known as multiple myeloma, is a blood cancer arising from plasma cells.

Myeloma UK was established in 1997 to change the lives of patients with myeloma and related conditions and realise our ambition of making myeloma history.

Thanks to all our members who helped in raising £1625.00

Great North East Air Ambulance 2017

Daft as a Brush 2018

Durham Centre Charity 2022

The Caravan & Motorhome Club throughout the Country are facing stiff competition from The Caravan & Camping Club after they are subsidising more Rallies and putting on more entertainment for their members, this is one reason why C.A.M.C are allowing tents on Rallies. With this in mind we have decided that in 2023 we will not be supporting any charity but proceeds from Bonus Balls, Football Cards & Raffles will go into a Social Fund so we can cover the cost of halls for entertainment on selected Rallies for our ralliers.

Myeloma 2022